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旅游论坛 :: 观看文章 - 理查施特劳斯的Elektra-英国皇家歌剧院
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注册时间: Jan 15, 2006
文章: 432

发表发表于: 星期日 十月 06, 2013 11:41 pm    文章主题: 理查施特劳斯的Elektra-英国皇家歌剧院 引言回复

地点:伦敦Covent Garden,Royal Opera House.


剧本:霍夫曼斯塔尔(Hugo von Hofmannsthal)根据古希腊索福克勒斯的悲剧编写。

Telegraph 的评价:

"The American soprano,(imposing of figure and expansive of voice), Christine Goerke has an Olympic Gold level of stamina, absolute security of pitch, a rich middle voice, diamantine top register, crisp clarity of diction and the intelligence to paint all the colours of the character’s mercurially psychotic personality.

She was strongly flanked by the excellent Adrianne Pieczonka, whose broad and confident phrasing made Chrysothemis seem less of a wet blanket than usual, and Michaela Schuster as a high old ham of a Clytemnestra. Beautifully smooth and nobly arched singing from Iain Paterson as Orestes and a sharply etched Aegisthus from John Daszak were other ornaments of the evening - a ragtag of maids, servants and lackeys rather less so.

Andris Nelsons runs a non-stop, criss-crossing professional schedule. From the first slammed-door chords to the final stomp of empty triumph, Nelsons generated turbo-charged playing from the orchestra and bridged the overall dramatic architecture. The music’s primitivism never degenerated into mere noise: Elektra’s reunion with her lost brother has rarely sounded so caressingly tender, while the preparations for the murders ratcheted up a scuttling nail-biting tension worthy of Bernard Herrmann."
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